PYKE Seltzer

Freshly Brewed Hard Seltzer

PYKE’s history starts with a visit from Erwin in the States. The supermarkets were full of seltzers and this aroused Erwin’s curiosity. He bought some seltzers from all the brands and went to taste them. He was enthusiastic, he thought it was a fantastic alternative to beer, wine, and mixed drinks. Once back in the Netherlands, Erwin waited for this hype to come to the Netherlands. Seltzer-less months passed and Erwin decided to take matters into his own hands. Together with Gydon, they began to brew for days and nights to see if they could make seltzer themselves.

Fun fact: Erwin and Gydon have been friends since primary school.

They began to believe more and more in their hard seltzer. It was bound to be a success. But they needed more hands. Erwin and Gydon wanted to share this kind of success with only one group of people, their friends! High school friends, to be more precise.

Hard Seltzer. Hard what? That was more or less the first reaction of all the PYKE colleagues when Erwin called with the question: Are you in for a new adventure? After a 5-minute phone call and a few conversations with employers later, everyone stood on the doorstep of PYKE HQ full of enthusiasm. And here we are, with our own freshly brewed hard seltzer in our hands.

We are ready to conquer the world and reach the top together with you.


Besterdring 181
5014HK Tilburg

PYKE Seltzer